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Published April 15, 2024

New York, New York -- April 15, 2024 -- Digitas, the Networked Experience agency, has unveiled Digitas AI, a groundbreaking Generative AI operating system and a suite of tools. This innovative platform harnesses the power of Large Language Models (LLM) to provide safe, solution-oriented AI solutions and products for both external clients and internal use. Digitas AI is a game-changer in marketing outcomes, empowering clients to build and deploy customer-facing brand experiences powered by generative AI.

The inception of Digitas AI began in 2021 when Digitas recognized the rapid progression of AI and identified a crucial gap in the market. Considering the marketplace’s evolving landscape and the implications for brand safety, Digitas’ Head of Technology, Adam Buhler, and Chief Operating Officer, Adam Birkenhead, led a team of dedicated Creative Technologists and Developers to build the Digitas AI platform with a vision of leveraging Generative AI to craft brand narratives within a secure environment.

An Agent Management System (AMS) is at the center of the technology. The AMS distinguishes Digitas AI by offering an integrated platform that enables users to manage their AI agents effortlessly and empowers them to create custom AI experiences tailored to their requirements. One prime example of an agent is the “It Girl”—an agent who aggregates insights on the latest social platform trends, acting as a conversational “teammate” ready to share the latest trends and social platform hacks.

The AMS enables swift creation, testing, and scaling of agents, providing faster go-to-market insights, ideas, and testing. This efficiency allows Digitas’ creative teams to leverage better data and expedite campaign testing. One example is a “Persona Agent ”— built from identity-based data, the agent can be programmed to mimic a persona, ready to interact with teams to test ideas and understand a target audience's needs, wants, and ideas that resonate. In addition to the platform, Digitas AI offers services to assist clients with the necessary content strategy, curation, and testing to support experiences.

Recently, Digitas’ parent company, Publicis, announced an investment in AI and a new approach named CoreAI. While all Publicis Groupe agencies, including Digitas, will utilize CoreAI as an intelligent operating system to inform their campaigns, Digitas AI will specifically concentrate on the activation side, assisting clients in delivering marketing outcomes and deploying consumer-facing, AI-powered brand experiences.

"AI’s role in enhancing collaborative creativity and elevating experiences is transformative. Digitas AI heralds an era of smarter, faster, and more creative solutions for our clients." – Adam Birkenhead, Chief Operating Officer, Digitas.

About Digitas

Digitas is the Networked Experience Agency built on the vision that we create magnetic experiences that earn the right for brands to exist in human networks today and tomorrow. We deliver Networked Experiences by leveraging comprehensive data, technology, creative, media, and strategy capabilities. Digitas delivers ambitious outcomes via unique solutions that include Creative Experiences, Integrated Media, Addressable Relationships, Social Marketing, and Total Commerce. Celebrated by Ad Age as Data and Insights Agency of the Year, U.S Campaign’s Brand Experience Agency of the Year, Media Network of the Year, and celebrated by Forrester and Gartner, Digitas serves the world’s leading brands through a global network comprised of more than 5,500 employees across over 65 offices in 43 countries.

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